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What is a gaming PC without a little shine?
You use it every day, for gaming or for work. The components form an electronic machine that provides you the info you need. Why not put your expensive hardware on display or give it more looks? Worldwide there are people creating gaming rigs to give their personal computer some extra attention, to show everyone what a beauty they created
At Quantum Systems we understand your needs and add extra flavour into customized PC's. Are you just looking for a casual build without all the glitters? No problem!
There’s inhouse knowledge about materials, fittings, air- and waterflow optimization, maintenance of your system and hardware!

What Quantum Systems does:

  • Build air cooled PC's
  • Build water cooled PC's
  • Customize or modify builds
  • Give advice on your next upgrade
  • Assembling casual builds

How it works
Creating a personalized PC that match your preferences is a process, where we gladly guide you into making it your own. Your budget for your next PC can give us a rough estimation of your level of modification. We will give you the best Price/Quality advice so you can enjoy it even more.

Just send us a message, share your thoughts with us!

If you are interested in price tags and ratings, we are working on it!

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